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The 15th Anniversary Expanded Edition Exclusively through Amazon Kindle by Christmas, 2018!                                          

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Available Now on Amazon Kindle: the first "Single" from Signals from Noise.




The Night Show is a collection that started itself. In the first volume, The Great American Night, we saw the lights of various small towns from a freeway sped along in the middle of the night. In Signals from Noise, we visit one of those towns and explore a while. In Night, there was the occasional story inspired by UFOs, aliens camouflaged as people, and even the point of view of the visitors, as well as westerns, "literary," and contemporary thrillers.

offers 14 stories all inspired by the "greatest conspiracy theories of the twentieth century"; from the JFK assassination, to Area 51, to programmed assassins, all injected with a bit of humor, or featuring a twist ending, and each is prefaced by a foreword which prepares you to fully appreciate the experience of every given story.

You don't even need to know the name Lee Harvey Oswald to enjoy this second volume from a series that promises to offer an ongoing trek through a unique world connected by tone, while seperated by theme.






What do you think of first when you hear the word 'conspiracy'? The word I hear is "evidence". Can it be proven? Was JFK killed by forces far more sinister than a lone, imbalanced assassin? Are the thousands of available UFO reports all hideous lies and top-notch hoaxes? Is it possible to program someone to kill without thereafter retaining memory of doing it?





As of now,
Flip City
Blues will be released in four parts, starting sometime in the Fall of 2018

 In order to garner word of mouth for Signals from Noise (The Night Show, Vol. 2), Haven Publications is first releasing two stories: "The Collective" and "A Yard Sale in Conspiracy Heaven"; the bookends of the entire reperatoir. "The Collective" and "A Yard Sale in Conspiracy Heaven" (above) each illuminate us to evidence long thought to be true, but which has never publicly surfaced.Look for our first Anthology in the Summer of 2018



Where do we learn of these things?

Through the groundbreaking research and diligent efforts to uncover a forgery of American history, despite ridicule and outright dismissal, these men and women have revealed the reality of so-called "black ops" or "black bag operations" that yes, do effect the way you and I live. These two stories are merely the portal to a shadowy underground world, often frightening but also fascinating, where the stuff of so-called "fantasies" become dreadfully real.


                A: "Doubles Night at the Switching Yard"

In an isolated bar on the fringe of civilization, the assassin of a visiting

ambassador arrives at his rendezvous point, expecting extraction.

What he finds is that this decrepit watering hole, in the midst of a ferocious storm, is

a much more complex situation than his recently accomplished mission.


B: "Insomniacs Anonymous"

In the recent wake of a large scale terrorist attack, a normal family man abandons everything in order

to leave the city and fly halfway across the earth to accomplish a mission he will never remember.

The Gallery of Strange

"Abandon all boredom, ye who enter here" 


Entrances to whichever part of "the park" you wish to explore!!

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**Based on the short story "She Remembers Flying"